At Agricultural Technologies and Management we have the answer to the question, “What is needed to maximize the Dairy Farmers profit margin?”

We narrowed it down for simplicity to these three sub – headings:

Genetics, Nutrition, Management.

These type of questions have an enormous financial repercussion on decisions made by the Owner or the Manager of such a business.

We all know that we pay today for mistakes made yesterday, have to invest constantly in our herd for 4 years time, Today’s new born Calf will come to Maximum Production only after 2nd lactation, if we have invested correctly, and done the work required. Our biggest problem is that genetic planning and investment takes at least 10 years to show full results.

To help our clients, we at Agricultural Technologies and Management, have searched our market, and come up with a package deal that can shortcut this process quite substantially.

We looked for products we feel we can professionally indorse, at the same time Networking as many Companies and products to form a solid base of information to help the farmer “do it well!”