Personal information


Birth date: 24th September 1960.

Family situation: Married plus 3.

2015- COO and Co-Founder of DPT, a Danish Dairy Profit Team, developed to encourage and assist Dairy Farmers to be better Business People.

2003 – Present M. Director/ Owner of Agricultural Consulting Company: C.Y.C. Agricultural Technologies and Management Ltd.

  •   Private Dairy Management and Business consultant for OOO-Rozhdestvo dairy farm, 2000 cows.
  •   Managing and Consulting in Mexico and Cyprus, Italy, Spain, S.A. Russia, with Professional visits to America and Canada, in Agricultural Management, Dairy Farming and Silage and Roughage Crop growing. Developing specific Financial Aids and Systems required for hands on, user friendly Operating tools.
  •   Dairy Management Consulting Cyprus
  •   Manager Profit Team Ferraroni Mangimi, Italy.
  •   Dairy Management Consulting, Sardinia
  •   Dairy Seminar lectures in Poland.
  •   Consulting support in S.A.
  •   Company also Imports and Markets Pet Foods to the local Market.

2010 – Present International Sales and Marketing Manager Flybuster Ltd.

International Marketing agent for Flybuster Ltd.

By endorsing this product, my company is able to add an important aspect to our basket of products we support, which we believe contributes to farm profitability.

2003 – Present Tsappis Feed Mills Cyprus

Agricultural Financial extension service supplied to local customers, concentrating on upgrading management practices to assist in financial decision making for the betterment of the business.

2013 – Present OOO Rozhdestvo

Professional and Financial Management training of new Management team.

Assist in assessing financial week spots, repairing management practices, and developing farm friendly tools for purposes to help management understand financial consequences of professional dairy decisions.

2010 – 2012 Ferreroni Mangimi

Director of development of Company’s Profit Team, Farm Management extension service.

Lectures and farm visits to customers on a monthly basis, supplying professional and financial extension services for the company.

2003 – 2005 Calamanda, Union de Leche Calamanda S.A. De C.V. Mexico

Modernizing management practices, based on Financial assessment. Upgrading and changing professional approaches to farm management practices, training farm manager and workers with modern farming technology approaches, highlighting financial consequences.

2000 -2003  Manager of Yehuda Dairies Israel 900 Cows

  •   Responsible of combining 3 dairy herds into one.
  •   Managing of planning committee for the project.
  •   Responsible for developing team operating program.
  •   Responsible for all management tools for running the new farm.
  •   Developed Leadership Flow-chart for the new firm.
  •   Responsible for training program for new workers in all fields of the farm.
  •   Responsible for work protocols for different branch needs i.e. calves, feeding, milking etc.
  •   Responsible for costing and choosing all Milking, Mechanical and milking equipment for the new facility.

2002 – Dairy Consulting Farms in Mexico and Brazil.

2000 – 2002: Professional Tour of Mega Dairies

            In U.S. Specifically. Examining facilities needs and management              problems.

1997 – 2000   Manager Tzora Dairy 330 cows.

1995 – 1997   Emissary for Israel to Southern Africa

1990 – 1994   Manager Tzora Dairy 420 cows

  •   Substantially increased profits of the business.
  •   15% increase of milk production per cow.
  •   Responsible for conversion from intensive hand labor, to intensive machinery labor.
  •   Increase beef herd for meat production.

1984 – 1990  Team Member of Tzora Dairies.

  •   In charge of moving herd to new milking facility.
  •   Maintenance Manager for milking parlor.
  •   Cow feeder
  •   Milker.


  • Graduated High School:  1978 Highland North Boys High.
  • 1983 Management course for small businesses.
  • 1984 New Dairyman’s Course. Rupin Agro. Institute Israel
  • 1986 Advanced Dairyman’s’ Diploma. Rupin Agro. Institute Israel
  • 1987 Dairy Maintenance and Feeding Management. Agricultural Dept.       Israel.
  • 1991 Dairy Management and Organizational tools for Dairy     Management. Rupin Agro. Institute Israel
  • 1995 Emissary Course. Jewish Agency Israel
  • 1998 Advanced Agricultural Management. Ministry of Agriculture.
  • 2000 Dairy Works Management Systems. Phoenix U.S.A.
  • 2002 Business Management and Finance. Rupin. Business College.


English – Mother tongue, Afrikaans, and Hebrew.

Computer Knowledge

Efficient in all Office Programs, WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT.

Israel Dairy Management Programs, Gavish, Noa, and Afifarm.

Committee Experience

1993 – 1995 Board member of Israel Rugby Union.

2000 – 2003 Member of Kibbutz Board.

2001 – 2003 Board Member of SION Israel Artificial Insemination Company.

2003 – Committee Member Mutual Society for Cattle Insurance and Veterinary Services in Israel ltd.

2006 – 2014 Member of Board of Directors  of Kibbutz Tzora.

2009-2014 -Member of Board of Directors of Yehuda Dairy’s.

2009-2011 Chairman of absorption committee to the community