Personal information

Ralph Ginsberg

Udder Health and Milk Quality Specialist Milking Management, Parlor Specification and Management

Personal Profile

I have been involved in the dairy business for close on fifty years starting as a dairy hand, progressing to herd manager and eventually to an adviser to dairy farms in need of professional help. During this time I continued with my academic studies in animal husbandry and agricultural economics.

I was a director of one of the regional milk laboratories established to eradicate Strep.

agalactiae from Israeli dairy herds and shortly after the establishment, in 1998 of “The national service for udder health and milk quality” I began working as a Milking Management Adviser with dairy herds

in the South of Israel. I have also consulted internationally on udder health and milk quality issues.

Over the years I have published numerous articles and lectured in Hebrew on parlor management, milking efficiency, udder health and milk quality related issues.

I have lectured at International Courses in Israel and other countries as well as presenting papers on computer monitoring of parlor performance and raising ACR settings at various International dairy conferences.

Membership of Professional Bodies

Chairman of International Dairy Federation (IDF) Machine Milking and Methods Action Team.

Member of Israeli Milking Machine and Management Committee.

Services Provided 

Milking Management

1. Worker training:- Hygienic milking routine, Milking parlor maintenance.

2. Troubleshooting and advice relating to hygienic milk production, mastitis and cell count control.

3. Milking machine performance evaluation* including ancillary equipment (bulk milk tanks, washing systems, vacuum pumps etc.).

4. Establishment of milk quality support programmes.

5. Troubleshooting, Cow comfort and Environment.

Duration: Depending on designated assignments. * It is advised that I be accompanied by a technical representative of the milking machine dealer with all necessary testing equipment.

Udder health and milk quality Workshop – How to improve your results:

Duration: 2-3 days

Workshop Objective: Basic knowledge of all aspects of Udder health and milk quality.

Target Group*: Dairy farmers, Farm managers, Veterinarians and Researchers.

Program: Introduction to Udder Pathogens, The milking machine, Milking parlor maintenance, Hygienic milking routine, Risk factor evaluation in the milking parlor, creating a database and analysis of results, setting professional objectives.

The program includes at least one field day.

*The professional program level, presented together with a Veterinarian specializing in Udder health, will be according to the specific target group.